GetAssist’s CEO Talks to Global News Calgary About Social Media and Data Collection

Bruce and Kim Fikowski at Global News Calgary

CEO Bruce Fikowski and Co-Founder Kim Fikowski at Global News Calgary

GetAssist’s CEO Bruce Fikowski sat down with Global News Calgary’s Joel Senick to talk about the state of social media today and the recent data collection controversies.

Consolidate & Take Control Of Your Social Media With One App

GetAssist appWith headlines in the news like:

‘Facebook Decides What’s Best For You’

‘Facebook Knows You Better Than Mom, So Can Anyone Else’

‘Twitter Showing More Of Some Kinds Of Tweets, Less Of Others’

‘YouTube Blocks Keywords That Might Not Be PC’

…it has left many people frustrated, losing interest, losing their voice and wondering, isn’t there something else out there?

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Savoring Moments You Didn’t Know Deserved Celebration

Have you ever had one of those perfect moments in life when everything seemed to just click? Or maybe a dear wish came true? They say those are the moments that memories are made of. Well, granted, some moments in life are more heartfelt than others, but each one is worthy of our appreciation and gratitude for one reason or another. And all too often, magic moments go unrecognized. Here are 15 Ah-ha moments that we think deserve to be added to the memory jar:

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45 Ways Anyone Can Use GetAssist

45-WaysVersatility and value define the success of new social technologies. Social media experts are breaking down the intricacies of powerhouse platforms and revealing the characteristics that make prosperous channels so effective. The results, we’ve learned, point us to the value of that new platform as it relates to the purpose of the community members it attracts.

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Connect with Purpose: Social Media Done Right

Connect With Purpose
“Though there are many fewer newspapers, we all speak headlines now,” says Tom Leonard, District 93, Michigan House Republicans.

We live in an age of skimming. We skim through headlines, newsfeeds, magazine articles, school papers that come home in our children’s backpacks. Let’s face it—serious reading has taken a major hit. If it doesn’t catch our interest in the first few seconds or isn’t said in 140 characters or less, we grow restless and move on.
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Simple, Uncommon Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Reach

how to increase your blog's reach
So you’ve got a blog. You’re really with it. But you’re still not gaining leads, increasing website traffic or making friends with the right people. This must be due to a lack of content on your site. That’s what all the digital gurus tell you, anyway. So you decide the proper course of action is to churn out more content and sit on your hands waiting for better results.
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