• Stay in touch

    Stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues by inviting them to Chat. Invite fellow GetAssist users or share the link through the app to invite ANYONE!

  • Image, Video, Audio, Document Sharing

    Share photos, videos, audio, and documents directly in the call or chat. Perfect for sharing favorite moments with family or holding an online meeting!

  • Audio and Video calls

    Host an audio conversation or easily switch to video to see your friends on the other side of the screen. Once done with video, switch smoothly back to audio.

  • Create Communities

    Host thriving conversations based on interests. Whether professional or personal, the communities you create benefit from fruitful dialogue in a secured Chat.

  • Secure Chat

    Experience utmost privacy and security. Host confidential conversations, plus disable voice or video calling and change your visibility at any time.

  • Group Call

    Chat one-on-one or invite up to 10 participants to join your live call. Gain perspective from all participants involved for meaningful group dialogue.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your device’s screen directly from the Chat to provide a clear glimpse of the exciting info you’re discussing. Once done, simply exit out of screen-share.

  • Multi-platform

    Chat works seamlessly across ALL of your devices, creating streamlined communication and uninterrupted file-sharing.

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More than messaging

With a variety of calling and messaging features, you have endless options when it comes to expressing yourself.

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