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Are you looking for a grassroots business network that connects you with purposeful, targeted and warm leads from individuals in the local community and other small businesses looking for assistance?

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Small Businesses

Isn’t it time to engage with the people who matter most?

On GetAssist, private means private. Come together in online communities using well-known social features, knowing your conversations are safe and confidential. Share all the memories, pictures and videos you like, and more, with those closest to you.

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Family, Friends,
HOA's & Communities

As a team leader, it’s not only important to manage the scheduling of events and the availability of players, but to also get everyone involved from the parents to the players. GetAssist Communities provide a fun engagement platform for team leadership and skill development with photo and video hosting.
For coaches, teachers and community leaders.

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Classes &


Are you tired of connecting just for the sake of connecting? Isn’t it time for today’s social media to make our lives better in a practical way? GetAssist is a purposeful Social Network that connects you with other like-minded people and local businesses to share information, advice, ideas, and to get the kind of help that makes everyday life better.


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