GetAssist Helps Bridge the Gap in the Skilled Trades Shortage

aaddressing the skilled trades shortage

It is estimated that Canada will need one million skilled trades workers by 2020 and there will be a shortage of 800,000.

Why is there a shortage?

Experts think it boils down to a perception distortion amoung the youth. A survey by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum and Skills Canada found that 71% of students surveyed claimed that their guidance counsellors in high school did not encourage them to go into skilled trades.

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Start the New Year off Right: Resolve to Raise a Reader


We all know reading to our kids is a good thing, but there are many more benefits to exposing our children to the merits of reading than most people know. As parents, we have the ability to boost our children’s learning potential simply by making books a fundamental part of their lives. While most New Year’s resolutions focus on healthy habits, why not add this one to the top of your list for 2016?

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Get Your Homeschoolers Involved In The Community

how to get homeschoolers involved in the community

If you’ve chosen to educate your children at home, you won’t have easy access to clubs and organizations that are often included in traditional school systems. But there are still ways you can stay connected and participate in sports teams, hobby clubs and other activities vital to healthy growth and development. GetAssist is the perfect tool to help you find different activities in the community for your homeschoolers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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