Take 5 to Take Care of Fall and Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer

We’ve all heard horror stories about unanticipated home issues during the chilly months. Why risk a mishap (and some serious denial) when we can address potential issues right now? Check out some of these to-do’s to get your home ready for the cold stretch. Read more

aaddressing the skilled trades shortage

GetAssist Helps Bridge the Gap in the Skilled Trades Shortage

aaddressing the skilled trades shortage

It is estimated that Canada will need one million skilled trades workers by 2020 and there will be a shortage of 800,000.

Why is there a shortage?

Experts think it boils down to a perception distortion amoung the youth. A survey by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum and Skills Canada found that 71% of students surveyed claimed that their guidance counsellors in high school did not encourage them to go into skilled trades.

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