energy saving heat pump installation

Eliminate Energy Cost Stress, Invest in an Energy Efficient Home

Can you believe that 73% of Canadian homeowners have seen their energy costs increase in the last year? Fortunately, whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, experience comfortable temperatures at home, or save money, there is a ton of sustainable technology available. All you have to do is Make a FREE Request on GetAssist to install it.

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local businesses supporting each other

How You Can Use GetAssist’s Business Membership To Help Your Community

Calling all small business owners in Canada and the U.S. tired of outsourcing larger companies: A Business Membership with GetAssist suits you. Our features make it easy to collaborate with local subtrades and other small businesses, and it’s great for your local economy.

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How to declutter your garage with they help of local pros

Transform Your Cluttered Garage Into a Spacious Parking Area

Are you among the 25% of homeowners who own a two-stall garage and don’t park in it? If so, it’s time to declutter! One survey by Moen found that the garage is the untidiest place in the home. If you can relate, here are some tips for efficiently cleaning your car stall.

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couple talking to custom home builder

The Benefits of Custom Building a Home

Never Worry About Moving Again!

Stop looking for the perfect home and build one! A custom house comes with many freedoms and new technology. Read on to learn how that puts you at an advantage.

Lower Utility Bills

When you’re in charge of your new home, you can incorporate energy efficiency. If you plan for sustainability beforehand, your monthly energy bills will be lower!

More Reasons To Build a Custom Home

There are many benefits to making all the choices for your home:

  • Is there a place you’ve always wanted to live? You decide on the location.
  • You can choose a builder you trust, especially with GetAssist, because all you have to do is hit the Request button and connect with local builders. Check out their projects on their portfolio.
  • You can decide on the exterior and interior design; freedom of style means freedom of expression.
  • Opt for an open concept to achieve an inclusive family environment, a private interior, or both. Everything is up to you.
  • The materials and appliances in your home will likely be new, and they’ll come with a warranty. So, if something breaks, you can fix it without paying for quite some time.
  • You can cut out any unnecessary space in your floor plan, but additionally, you can add rooms for activities you love, like a library or a workout room.
  • Often, people move into a new home, and they don’t know the overall quality of its materials. How unfortunate would it be if your house started falling apart immediately, and you had to pay extra for repairs? Fortunately, when you build a home, you know the condition of your materials; you can effortlessly go for good quality.
  • A common worry about custom homes is that they are more pricey than older homes. They don’t have to be! You choose the budget and make your builder aware of it.

Ready to start building in Canada or the United States? Make a Request with GetAssist today! Now you know the pros of customizing a house with new technology and materials.

We encourage you to start thinking about your dream home because you CAN have it!

5 Landscaping Trends to Bring Luxury to Your Outdoor Space in 2023

Is this the year to turn your yard into a paradise?

Follow this guide to see this year’s landscaping trends to bring luxury to your property.

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Preparing for Buying, Selling, and Moving in the Winter

Moving in the Winter can create some extra challenges. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or selling and moving on, planning a move can already seem like a cumbersome chore. We’ve put together a Winter Moving Checklist to assist in a smooth move.

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the benefits of roof replacement in the winter

Seven Benefits of Winter Roof Repair

Can you fix your roof in the winter?

The answer is yes; in fact, we have solid reasons as to why you should. So, if you’re looking for a residential roofer near Calgary, choose Asonic Roofing, a preferred vendor on the GetAssist Business Network, to get started on reparations to prevent more significant problems.

Here are seven pros of repairing your roof in the winter:

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request for home maintenance tasks all summer long

Take Advantage of Summer to Prepare for a Year of Home Maintenance

The short summer months bring opportunities for many things. Playing in the outdoors without a care for the elements, lazy afternoons in the shade sipping iced tea… And catching up on home maintenance without the weather dictating your availability to do so.

With so much to do and so little time, here is a list of home maintenance and repairs you may not have thought of. Take care of these now to enjoy the benefits and avoid trouble later in the year when Mother Nature is not so kind.

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When to do maintenance to your car and what to check

Auto Maintenance Guide: When Should You Service Your Car?

June is a good month to enjoy the open road, road trip anyone? But do you know when it’s time to bring in your car for a checkup? Routine vehicle maintenance is vital to keeping you on the road and getting you where you want to be. Now more than ever, making sure your automobile […]

hire a handyman for Father's Day

6 Home Projects a Handyman Can Help Dad With

One of the fun things about owning your home is the satisfaction that comes with making improvements by yourself. Sometimes, though, do-it-yourself techniques just won’t cut it, and we need a little extra help. This is usually where your good ol’ hubby comes in. This Father’s Day, give your man a break and give your honey-do list to your community. All you need to do is Make a Request on GetAssist for a local handyman with the expertise you seek.

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