Can’t We All Just Get Along? Tips for Living in an HOA

It doesn’t matter whether you like or hate the rules, once you buy (or rent) a home that is part of a community association, you’ve signed your fate. You now live under their Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)—a legally binding document that dictates the rules for living in a planned community.

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Volunteer to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child

volunteer in the life of a child
Mark Your Calendar: July is National “Make a Difference in Children” Month!

This month is dedicated and devoted to making a difference in the lives of children. It’s an amazing grassroots initiative sponsored by long-time advocate, Kim Ratz, with the intention to bring awareness to how our actions can hatch a positive effect on children. It takes just one person to make a life-changing impact. Imagine what we can do across the masses! Read more

The Power of Community Collaboration

community collaboration
“People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives, and
strong communities create a more stable and supportive society.” 

GetAssist is built on the notion that a community is a powerful thing and can have a tremendous impact on our lives. Through collaboration, understanding and a willingness to help, our communities flourish. But what makes a strong community and why is it so important?

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How to Host a Healthy BBQ the Entire Neighborhood Will Love

What do you consider the best part of summer? Is it sunny days spent out on the water? Perhaps its the refreshing freedom of having time to read a book on the porch? Or maybe it’s that magical backyard BBQ where the entire neighborhood comes together to share good food, fun and laughter. This year, it’s time to step up and host your very own healthy cookout. Create a private community on GetAssist and invite the block! You can even start a sign-up list to encourage neighbors and friends to bring their own culinary creations. Whether you’re celebrating 4th of July or Canada Day, these five delicious swaps will make your party an epic success.

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Support Local with GetAssist

Local businesses may seem old-fashioned—and many are. But these provocative brick-and-mortar establishments are creating sorcery and magic in our hometown communities; they contribute local character and prosperity in an ever-increasing homogenized world. These one-of-a-kind businesses with distinctive character contribute to more than just a proud legacy. They generate dramatically greater local economic activity than procurement from a chain business—and they’re gaining ground over retail chains and big box stores all across North America.

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4 fundraising tips for community organizations

4 Fundraising Tips for Community Organizations


4 fundraising tips for community organizationsCommunity organizations frequently run off the generosity of others. But every now and then, it takes a little cash to make things run. A fundraising campaign can help you connect your organization with the community and help you raise the money you need to buy football jerseys for the team.
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Get Your Homeschoolers Involved In The Community

how to get homeschoolers involved in the community

If you’ve chosen to educate your children at home, you won’t have easy access to clubs and organizations that are often included in traditional school systems. But there are still ways you can stay connected and participate in sports teams, hobby clubs and other activities vital to healthy growth and development. GetAssist is the perfect tool to help you find different activities in the community for your homeschoolers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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From Old to Sold: 5 Must-Know Yard Sale Tips From a Pro

how to have a successful yard sale
So you’re done spring cleaning, and you really went for it this year. You’ve now got a garage full of boxes and things just waiting to go to their new home. It’s yard sale time! Greg Farr, owner of Antique Plaza in Mesa, Arizona, has spent the last 25 years hopping from yard sale to yard sale looking for his next great treasure. Over that time, he’s unearthed more than a few helpful tips that will make any yard sale a smashing success.

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The Rise of Skills-Based Volunteering

Many nonprofits operate on a shoestring budget and don’t have the in-house resources that large companies can afford. This is great news for you as a volunteer, because it means you’re able to offer more than your time to your favorite causes—you can offer your unique talents, expertise and skills.

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HOA of the Future

The HOA of the future
You’ve heard them before—HOA horror stories that scare the living daylights out of you. From unheard of special assessment fees to paid parking spaces for compact cars only to common facilities being foreclosed on, HOA living isn’t always what homeowners expect it to be. The most common complaint of HOA living in North America? Communication. Harmonious co-existence is important in any community, but especially within an HOA-managed one. How an HOA decides to communicate with their residents is crucial in today’s real estate market. Here are four ways to revamp an HOA with minimal effort.

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