How Your Small Business Can Start Giving Back

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Social Responsibility and Giving Back have been hot topics for small businesses for several years now.

Whether it’s from social pressure or a sincere feeling of duty, the addition of this initiative into a business model can be troublesome when considering costs and execution. Studies show that corporate virtue in the form of social responsibility and, to a lesser extent, environmental responsibility, is likely to pay off. In fact, market research by Cone revealed 91% surveyed said they are likely to switch brands to one that supports a good cause, given a similar price and quality. There are also many other benefits to a local business giving back to its community; such as:

  • Building a good reputation
  • Employee moral and respect
  • Expanded networking
  • Loyal customers
  • Positive press

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Take Control of Your Social Media to Improve Your Well-Being

What do you use social media for?

Is it to find old friends, keep up with extended family, be in the know about community organizations and events… enhance your sense of belonging?

Does social media make you feel more connected?

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Save Your Season With A Virtual Locker Room

Not sure if you want to coach your kid’s little league, basketball, hockey or soccer squad this year? Or maybe managing a team of adults was harder than herding monkeys last season.

If last time around left you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out from trying to organize changing schedules, who can make it to the game and how they will get there… This year there is a tool that can save you from last minute texts and game-time chaos. It is a Virtual Locker Room with GetAssist.

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How To Organize A Book Club

You and your friends want to put together a book club, and you want it to be enriching and fun… You know you need to start with a book and some wine, but how do you choose and get everyone on the same “page” for a successful first gathering?

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Solving This Year’s Halloween Conundrum

Trick-or-treating is community at its best. Adults, young and old use their resources to buy candy or toys to hand out to local children. A spark of mystery is in the dark air, full moon bright in the sky… wind blowing leaves around the ankles of the little goblins and ghosts wondering if they really could pull off a trick if no treat is offered. Moms and dads catch up over hot chocolate in thermoses waiting at the ends of driveways. Neighbors appear at doors who are seldom seen and surprise you with pure delight at the maturation and appearance of those growing up in view.

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Why Should You Care if a Local Small Business Succeeds?

Why you should care if a local small business succeeds
According to Intuit Canada, 15% of new start-ups fail in year one, while 50% won’t be able to celebrate a five year anniversary. Knowing this, should you feel a sense of protection for the new shop that just opened up down the street? If you didn’t invest in the venture, you have nothing to gain or lose, right?

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The Ultimate Survival Guide for Music Festival Rookies

guid to you first music festival

Fresh air, good music, and great company—what more do you need? It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like; there’s a festival for you. Whether you’re going to your first music festival or you’re a music-loving pro, this list will help you get the most out of your experience.

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Communities: The Heart of GetAssist

At GetAssist, we believe that Community is essential. It’s where we connect. It’s how we serve each other best. To us, a community is a group of like-minded people who come together to exchange ideas, information and share their experiences on a regular basis. Read more

A Familial Community: The Moments that Give Us Meaning

family community

Community is like few other words in that its definition does not fit into a neatly wrapped, perfectly packaged bundle. Our lives, inside and outside our homes, are defined by our interaction with various communities.

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Coaching Tactics that Children Are Guaranteed To Respond To

tactics for coaching children

It’s no secret that communication is key to successful coaching, but it is simply the first step. If you are looking for the best ways to shape your team up for performance and success, there are a few key areas that can make an enormous difference.

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