Charity Talk: 4 Takeaways From Movember

2003: 30 “Mo Bros” ban together to collectively accept a challenge—Bring back the mustache.

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Get kids moving

Keep Kids Moving – Their Future Depends On It

Get kids movingAcross the world, the consensus is that youth sports and exercise needs to be a bigger part of our children’s lives—Particularly in the lives of those children who spend too much time in front of computers, video games and television.

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How GetAssist Can Help Solve the Issues of Non-Profits

how GetAssist can help non-profits
Social media is a game changer. In the days of print, those who had the highest budget won the battle for business.
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6 Tips On How To Be A Successful Online Community Leader

online community leader
Online groups of any nature all have one thing in common: they are powerhouses of collaboration. Okay, they have one more thing in common: they all have a fearless leader.
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Why Community Gardens are Skyrocketing in Popularity

Community GardensInterest in food gardening is booming. Last year the National Gardening Association reported that more than one-third of American households are now growing some of their own food, a number that has increased by 17 percent since 2008. During this time, the number of Millennials gardening has risen 63 percent, and even the Obamas have a food plot big enough to feed their family on the White House lawn—so what are you waiting for?

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Using Countdowns to Build Anticipation and Participation

Building excitement with countdowns
We’ve all heard (or maybe shouted ourselves) the hyperbolic “I just can’t wait!” at one point or another. Whether it’s waiting on the release of the final installment in your favorite author’s trilogy, or burning with the need to see the next season of your favorite HBO show, oftentimes countdowns can be a nail-biting wait.

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GetAssist Celebrates Women’s Equality Day

Kate_wells2Perhaps only women with the same drive and vision as Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie and Jane Goodall could have imagined that almost 100 years into the future, three women would champion the building of one of the top 10 children’s museums in the U.S.

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45 Ways Anyone Can Use GetAssist

45-WaysVersatility and value define the success of new social technologies. Social media experts are breaking down the intricacies of powerhouse platforms and revealing the characteristics that make prosperous channels so effective. The results, we’ve learned, point us to the value of that new platform as it relates to the purpose of the community members it attracts.

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How Social Media #Fitspiration is Sabotaging Your Goals

fitspiration sabotage
We are a nation obsessed with weight. Even though we’ve gone from idolizing anorexic models to athletic fit-chicks, we’ve never taken the focus off weight. We only teeter between who’s carrying too much and who’s not carrying enough.
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How Your Old Clothes Can Make You Money and Friends

Organize a clothing swap on GetAssistRecycling is one of the best things we can do to contribute to bettering our community’s health. As community members grow more conscious of their environmental impact, secondhand clothing stores are seeing a big boom in shoppers, and clothing swaps continue to grow in popularity. Of course, saving the planet is one perk of cleaning out your closet, but there are more benefits you may have never considered! Today we’re revealing how you can use your old clothes to make some quick cash and some new friends.

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