Give the Gift of Social Media to Keep the Family Connected

Does your family still have some social media holdouts? Social media has become like breathing to most of us – but, there are probably still those among your kin who remain uncomfortable with it, either for privacy or technical anxiety reasons. Usually, these are some of the most cherished or interesting people in your clan; maybe it’s the adored matriarch or your eccentric uncle Beauford whose life is one long fish tale. It feels like they are being left out from the connection gained by sharing pictures and funny things the kids say on your everyday social media platforms. And when everyone gets together, inevitably the conversation sounds like, “I saw what you posted, I can’t believe how funny that was… that was the cutest thing I have ever seen… how did that go?” Your beloved social media holdout has no idea what that was, and you worry that they may feel consigned to oblivion.

This year, why not give the gift of social media? GetAssist is a completely private network of purposeful communities with no advertisements or personal glorification.

Here’s How:

First, from within your own GetAssist profile, click on Community Network, then click on Create New Community, fill out the Community information and select Private, next you will be prompted to invite your family members to be a part of your GetAssist community. It’s that easy!

When you get together for the Holidays, create a FREE membership connected to your Private Family Community for your Social Media Holdout and show them how easy it is. It will take one step to log in, and they will see their relative’s community posts scrolling. It will be apparent from the start there are no ads, no connections to strangers, and nothing is expected of them. Imagine the eldest members of your tribe able to sit in the comfort of their home with a tablet on their lap and with one click be connected to their lineage across the country or world! No longer will they miss pictures of recitals, cute baby videos, engagement announcements, and get-together coordination… the list goes on and on.

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