New In Town: 5 Tips for Getting to Know Your Neighbors


Moving away from everyone and everything you know, whether for a job or any other reason, can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. It’s a thrill to explore a new city, state or even country, but it can sometimes get lonely. You may feel like an outsider looking in for a while, but just by joining GetAssist you can immediately join your community. As you’re unpacking boxes of kitchen appliances and office supplies, read this list for five fresh tips on how to get to know your neighbors

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Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track with a Workout Community

workout community on GetAssist

Spring has sprung. Time to get back into shape. Joining or creating a workout community on GetAssist can help you get the results you’re looking for. Use your motivation to get others to join the community, so you can keep each other going strong throughout the summer. Here are six tips to make the most of your new workout community:

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Boosting your word-of-mouth marketing online


Everything that’s worth hearing about can be heard through the grapevine. Word-of-mouth marketing is the grandest megaphone you can ever use to market your business. More and more consumers are choosing to do business with companies recommended by their peers, friends and communities. In fact, 92 percent of consumers trust referrals from family or friends more than any other type of referral, according to a Nielsen survey. So if your company isn’t gaining buzz on the Internet, it’s time to put yourself out there and get people talking!

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Who’s in your community?












Today we want to take a look at how the concept of community has been redefined by the advent of the Internet, and how GetAssist will bring you closer to and get you more involved in the communities that are part of your life.

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Welcome to GetAssist!

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Aspiring to Greatness: Be More Than Just Coach

how to be a coach and a mentor
As a sports coach for adolescents and young adults, you are serving as more than just the coach of their chosen sport. You’re also a mentor, teacher and friend—whether you know it or not. This gives you a unique opportunity to play a role in molding the lives of the young people who make up the fabric of your community. Here are four ways you can shine in your multi-faceted role.

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16 Overused Buzzwords You Should Stop Using Immediately


Does anyone appreciate business jargon? Or are we so accustomed that we don’t notice the obscure idioms companies toss around on the daily? The marketing industry, for one, is known for its overstretched vocabulary and “laser-focused” buzzwords (see how we did that?). And while each of the words in our list has a ring to it, they’ve come to our attention as being overused, outdated, somewhat cliche, and, most importantly, vague. We highly recommend avoiding using buzzwords that don’t hold any weight if you want to see positive change throughout your organization.

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The Top 8 Resources to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace


Productivity at work is what separates the Average Joe from the Employee of the Year, the grunts from the corporate elite. In a world where degrees are expected, and the playing field is leveling out, any factors that cast your efforts in a positive light are worth the investment in the long run.

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The Meaningful Connection Mission: A Q&A With Monarq’s Founders

At GetAssist, we have a set of core beliefs.

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6 Steps to Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Opportunities

GA_Blog_Handling-Negative-ReviewsOnline review sites can be scary for small business owners, especially when you are first starting to build your online community. We all love a good review, but let’s face it—online reviews can sometimes skew toward the negative.

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