Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents: Best Branding Practices

social media tips for real estate agents

Social media is a real estate professional’s best hope for sharing information with new and potential clients. In today’s market, social media platforms are some of the first places potential clients will turn to when choosing the right agent to work with. Through various online platforms, real estate professionals can share their expertise, advertise their business, generate interest in their listings and ultimately increase sales. Getting started on social media is difficult for an inexperienced real estate agent, but these tips can help.

Blog About Your Neighborhood

Real estate professionals should have a lot to say about the neighborhoods where they work. A blog is a perfect platform for sharing that information. Blogging about happenings around the neighborhood serves several purposes. First, blogging about the neighborhood shows that the real estate professional has expertise in the subject matter. This helps clients develop trust that can lead them to contact the real estate agent.

Second, blogging can boost a website’s ranking in Google searches, which can lead to an increase in traffic on that real estate professional’s webpage. Finally, blogging about happenings around the neighborhood can help increase interest in that neighborhood, which in turn could lead more people to buy homes there. It’s a win all around.

Make a Dedicated Social Media Page

A dedicated social media page allows real estate professionals to share sound bites of information, show off pictures, link to listings and demonstrate their expertise in a subject. A social media page is a must-have for any real estate agent who wants to win attention from home buyers.

Post Excellent Pictures

Real estate professionals share pictures online to show off properties, and it’s important for those pictures to be excellent quality. Professional-grade pictures draw clients in, while poor quality pictures can have the opposite effect. Real estate professionals who want to maintain a reputation on social media must be diligent and post pictures that will attract the most attention.

Make Sharing Simple

Shared links help get the word out about listings. That said, clients won’t share messages or posts if the sharing process is time consuming or difficult. Share buttons should be clearly visible, easy to access and obvious. The easier it is to share posts and messages, the more likely it is that clients will share that content with others.

Blog DIY and Home Related Articles

Whether they’re buying or selling, clients are always looking for ways to fix up their property. Real estate professionals running low on ideas for blog posts can always post content about DIY projects, the best ways to boost curb appeal, how to stage and so on.

Send out short messages a few times each week. Posting tips about DIY projects, packing, curb appeal and other home-related topics is a great way to engage with clients and make the moving, selling or buying process easier.

Participate in Online Groups

Participating in online groups is an effective way for real estate professionals to get their name out to the world. Real estate professionals demonstrate their interest in their neighborhood by staying engaged online and by participating in group discussions. Participating in discussions through online platforms is also an excellent way for real estate professionals to put their name out in their community.

Keep Adapting

Social media changes on a regular basis. New platforms pop up all the time, and real estate agents who use social media to advertise for their business must keep learning all they can about these platforms. Adapting to the changing environment on the Internet can help real estate professionals capture new clients. Real estate professionals who are serious about generating business through online platforms must keep learning and adapting to keep up with the ever changing world of social media.

Preston Guyton REALTOR® is the Broker in Charge / Managing Partner of CRG Companies, Inc.

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