Fall 2018 trends navy blue and gold

Shake It Up With Fall Design Trends

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Fall 2018 trends navy blue and goldAutumn is officially here, and since you’ll likely be spending more time indoors as the chilly weather rolls in, it’s the perfect time to revamp and add some spice to the areas you’ll be cozying up in. Make your list of to-do’s, then Make A Request on GetAssist and we’ll take care of the rest!

Paint color

Fresh paint is one of the simplest, most eloquent ways to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Warmth and comfort tend to be the vibes that most homeowners are opting for this time of year. Check out the following paint trends, then Make A Request and let us connect you with multiple talented painting professionals near you today.

Navy blue

Navy blue is always a great wall color; it’s gentle on the eyes and simultaneously exudes confidence and comfort. This year we’re seeing it paired with gold – another bold yet benevolent color. A navy blue room with gold crown-molding, wainscoting, chair rails, or any other type of gold detailing will make you pause and admire every time you walk by. If you’re concerned about gold being too flashy, you can always incorporate white instead of gold.

Fall trends Autumn mapleAutumn maple orange

What do you think of when you hear “maple”? Probably maple trees and maple syrup, understandably. But the word is also included in the name of this year’s hottest shade of orange – autumn maple.  Autumn maple emits pizazz and spunk, taking your home design from average to intriguing.


Burgundy is one of the most popular paint colors, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s overrated or unworthy. It’s seen as elegant, sophisticated and mysterious, but most importantly, it pairs perfectly with all of the tones of fall.

Custom furniture

Are you interested in co-creating your own custom furniture that represents your unique taste? Or, do you need help crafting your own rendition of an already-favorable custom furniture trend? We’ll help pair you with the perfect pro for the job!

Tailored Knot

Custom-made table by GetAssist Business Member Tailored Knot in Winnipeg, MN

Wooden coffee table

Most homeowners have wooden coffee tables, and in more than just one room. Traditional wooden coffee tables are very symmetrical with perfect 90 degree angles, single-toned stain, and simple legwork and hardware. Take your coffee table to the next level by creating a piece that is opposite of the above. For the tabletop, consider acquiring natural, rustic wood that is multi-toned and then preserve it with tea or coffee (yes, really) rather than stain. Bounce ideas back and forth with your GetAssist craftsman/project partner regarding legs and any hardware for the table. Remember, stray away from traditional on this one!

Curved sofas

Curved sofas have an artful yet humble feel, making them more welcoming and classy than the average squared couch. Personalize your dream sofa by having it professionally crafted, and consult with the team to assess the perfect fabric/material for upholstery. Save yourself the “decision-making-headache” by incorporating the prior mentioned colors into your sofa design…perhaps a navy blue velvet, autumn maple corduroy, or burgundy leather material.

More fall trends

Fall trends black accentsBlack accents

Simple black accents will provide a mellow and warm atmosphere for any space. You don’t have to incorporate black in a bold way for it to be effective; start with small items. Try putting a black lampshade on a pair of lamps, swap out your current door handles with black ones, set out black candles, or simply add some black throw-blankets to your cozy areas.

Mismatched design
Our wardrobe tends to become a bit more eclectic during the colder months, so why not make our homes a bit more eclectic as well? It will aid in making our frequented spaces feel enchanting. Try hounds-tooth and checkered patterns near each other, horizontal and diagonal stripes in the same room, etc. “Sometimes the most stylish homes are those that cleverly clash colours and patterns to wonderful effect. This look walks a fine line between over-the-top and just-right, so if you’re planning on trying this trend for yourself, it’s important to head into your decorating project armed with some tips and suggestions from professional designers and industry insiders,” according to Better Homes and Gardens.

Better yet, Make A Request for a designer on GetAssist!

Fall trends shapes

Take a moment to think about some shapes that are uncommonly seen in home design…now, use them! Accent shapes like trapezoids, scalene triangles, hexagons, etc. are a great way to add some “flare” this season. Consider a chevron-shaped rug, a half-moon shaped clock, herringbone flooring in your entryways, or anything else that will keep your space interesting to dwell in. Shapes are automatically appealing to the human eye, so have at it.

Whatever your home design and decor needs, team GetAssist can’t wait to hear and help! Be sure to #MakeARequest, follow us on social media, and begin exploring our wide array of offerings tailored specifically to you.

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