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What Help to Hire for a Productive New Year

hire help on GetAssist to have quality time for your family

Happy New Year! Now that you’ve had a chance to relax and celebrate a bit, are you ready to dive back into productivity? January tends to be a month filled with newfangled goals as you embark on fulfilling your resolutions or simply adjusting old habits. As you reflect on the past year, can you think of some areas in your life that you could use assistance with? The answer is likely “yes”, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! We all need a helping hand sometimes. Likewise, we could all use more time to focus on the things that light our personal fires.

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Best Plants to Increase Productivity and Promote Well-Being in the Office

plants that increase productivity

For decades, many have been contemplating the usefulness, as well as benefits of plants indoors, to increase well-being and remove toxins. Well, after 10 years of research, the now the guess-work on the health benefits of plants has been put aside, as Dr Chris Knight from Exeter University and his fellow psychologists, concluded that employees were 15% more productive when offices are filled with just a few houseplants, as employees who actively engage with their surroundings were found to be better workers.

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Productivity Hacks that Will Result In A Novel

productivity hacks to write a novel
They say the hardest part about writing a novel is being disciplined enough to sit down at your desk each and every day and be productive enough to actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Indeed, you cannot take a shortcut when planning out the plot or developing emotionally enthralling characters. But can you streamline the process and center your productivity to produce the most efficient and creative outcome? Of course you can. You just need these tips:

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To-Do List or To-Don’t List? That is the Question

To-do or to-don't list
The to-do list has become one of the largest tools for increasing productivity. But are our to-do lists really helping as much as we think they are? To-do lists can help us set goals and create checks so we do not lose track of a task—or our lives, for that matter—but they often limit us to what we have personally designated as important.
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How to Use Music to Immediately Improve Your Productivity

Music plays a major part in many of the things we do every day. An upbeat jam can give us that extra push we need to finish our 3-mile run, a crowd-pleasing song almost always accompanies a group of fans cheering on their team, and a familiar tune can bring back a heartwarming memory. Certainly, the right song at the right time enhances our lives. So how can music improve our productivity?

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Work Smarter, Not Harder With Time Blocking

how to be more productive with time blocking
As the saying goes, we all have the same amount of hours in our day as Beyonce. So why does she have a crazy successful music career, fashion line and Instagram following—all while serving as a loving mother and wife—while you’re stuck trying to get through your workday alive?

We’re betting it’s time blocking. Time blocking is the ultimate productivity hack. Like, if you need one productivity hack in your life and nothing else, this would be it. So, what is time blocking and why have you never heard of it? We’ll tell you. Time blocking—also known as The Pomodoro Technique—is touted as the best tool to prevent burnout. Read on to learn more about time blocking, and how you can use it in your own daily life. We can’t promise you’ll hit it as big as Queen Bey, but you never know!

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Dominate Your To-Do List in 3 Easy Steps

dominate your to-do list
Whether you’re running a business, raising a family, or just trying to survive this semester, to-do lists are an age-old method for getting organized. But what happens when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t complete the tasks you’ve set for yourself? These tips and tricks helped famous masters of efficiency cross off their to-do lists. Chances are they’ll work for you, too.

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