Give the Gift of Social Media to Keep the Family Connected

Does your family still have some social media holdouts? Social media has become like breathing to most of us – but, there are probably still those among your kin who remain uncomfortable with it, either for privacy or technical anxiety reasons. Usually, these are some of the most cherished or interesting people in your clan; maybe it’s the adored matriarch or your eccentric uncle Beauford whose life is one long fish tale. It feels like they are being left out from the connection gained by sharing pictures and funny things the kids say on your everyday social media platforms. And when everyone gets together, inevitably the conversation sounds like, “I saw what you posted, I can’t believe how funny that was… that was the cutest thing I have ever seen… how did that go?” Your beloved social media holdout has no idea what that was, and you worry that they may feel consigned to oblivion.

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A Familial Community: The Moments that Give Us Meaning

family community

Community is like few other words in that its definition does not fit into a neatly wrapped, perfectly packaged bundle. Our lives, inside and outside our homes, are defined by our interaction with various communities.

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Memories in the Making: Your Kids’ First Ski Trip


Whether you’re tackling the Rocky Mountains from the powder in Banff or riding the gondola to the top of Breckenridge ski resort, the thrill of jumping on the snow-capped ridges pales instantly when considering looking out for the little ones. Making sure you don’t collide with inexperienced kids on the slopes is hard enough, but what about bringing them yourself? We came up with a few pointers to ease your mind and make sure everyone—your kids and the other skiers on the mountain—have a fun time.

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4 Unforgettably Fun Family Night Ideas

When you look back on your childhood, what pleasant memories do you most remember? The answer is different for all of us, but it usually has to do with those little moments that were made special because they weren’t forced.
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Debunking Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome
Back in the ‘70s, both psychologists and the media popularized the term “empty-nest-syndrome”—a myth that parents, especially mothers, feel a sense of depression and loss of purpose when their children leave home. But researchers are now debunking this myth and suggesting that this period in a parents’ life can be one of increased opportunity, heightened excitement and renewed relationships. They are proving parents are excited over a wealth of opportunity they hadn’t seen since prior to having children.

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Savoring Moments You Didn’t Know Deserved Celebration

Have you ever had one of those perfect moments in life when everything seemed to just click? Or maybe a dear wish came true? They say those are the moments that memories are made of. Well, granted, some moments in life are more heartfelt than others, but each one is worthy of our appreciation and gratitude for one reason or another. And all too often, magic moments go unrecognized. Here are 15 Ah-ha moments that we think deserve to be added to the memory jar:

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The Must-Have Tool for Parents Going Back to School

The term “nontraditional student” may no longer be relevant. According to studies released by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), adults going back to school make up the fastest growing demographic in education across the country.

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