Using Custom Photography to Up Your Business Game

get_assist_custom_photographyHaving a set of professional photos for your business is a great way to get noticed. From online search to social media to local press releases, photos will help get you more attention in the community. Here are some quick tips on how photos can help boost your business.

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Use Social Media to Meet Your Most Profitable Audiences

If you’re launching a business today, you’re probably keeping a close eye on best practices for social media. Using an online channel like GetAssist provides great ways to connect with potential customers and join conversations related to your business or industry.

Social media also provides an opportunity for a little face time with your customers— which means it’s a great place to be proactive and engage people. In fact, a 2013 survey found that “43 percent of customers are likely to recommend a product or service to others when that brand responds in a timely manner on social media outlets.”

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Boosting your word-of-mouth marketing online


Everything that’s worth hearing about can be heard through the grapevine. Word-of-mouth marketing is the grandest megaphone you can ever use to market your business. More and more consumers are choosing to do business with companies recommended by their peers, friends and communities. In fact, 92 percent of consumers trust referrals from family or friends more than any other type of referral, according to a Nielsen survey. So if your company isn’t gaining buzz on the Internet, it’s time to put yourself out there and get people talking!

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