When to do maintenance to your car and what to check

Auto Maintenance Guide: When Should You Service Your Car?

June is a good month to enjoy the open road, road trip anyone? But do you know when it’s time to bring in your car for a checkup? Routine vehicle maintenance is vital to keeping you on the road and getting you where you want to be. Now more than ever, making sure your automobile […]

hire a handyman for Father's Day

6 Home Projects a Handyman Can Help Dad With

One of the fun things about owning your home is the satisfaction that comes with making improvements by yourself. Sometimes, though, do-it-yourself techniques just won’t cut it, and we need a little extra help. This is usually where your good ol’ hubby comes in. This Father’s Day, give your man a break and give your honey-do list to your community. All you need to do is Make a Request on GetAssist for a local handyman with the expertise you seek.

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What a Mom Wants

“Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

Wait, Mother’s Day is this Sunday?

Oh no, Mother’s Day is this Sunday!”

Many of us have this conversation going on in our heads during the week of Mother’s Day, and it usually ends with – “What am I going to get her?”

Does anyone really know what their mother wants for Mother’s Day?

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Bathroom trends for 2022

8 Design Trends To Elevate Your Bathroom In 2022

What type of homeowner are you? Are you the queen of bathroom selfies or king of your man-spa? If you want to increase the value and the quality of living in your home, request the help of GetAssist’s local designers, installers, plumbers, and handypersons.

Add Value To Your Home

Daily routines typically start and end with the bathroom. However, with a powder room that satisfies your desires, you may find yourself thoroughly relaxing, especially by making better use of your space. Plus, improving the quality of your lavatory raises the value of your entire property!

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9 Ways to Be A Supportive Youth Sports Parent

Recently surfacing in the news is the social commentary on the ebb and flow of parenting trends. “Narcissistic Parenting” as it is being called, is an affliction on constructive communities, and an embarrassing example of poor parenting behavior.

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Five Backyard Trends for 2022

Are you ready to beat the dull nature of April showers? Try readying your property for a Spring paradise, or allow local businesses to do it for you by Making a Request in the Request box above!

You likely know by now how important it is to take in the naturally available vitamin D. We’ve been hearing about our 60 minutes of outdoor time for years, but how do we commit to them as working adults? Chances are, with a grassplot transformation, you’ll find the motivation!

In fact, over half the population is already spending an extra two hours outdoors every day since the start of COVID-19. So let’s look at the five backyard trends they’re taking on this Spring.

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kitchen inspired from 1950s and 60s

2022 Kitchen Trends Making a Comeback from Days of Old

A typical 50s home would be decorated with splashes of color mismatched but perfectly paired furniture! A time when a kitchen needed to be fully functional, modern, AND stylish! Now the 60s, known more for the aesthetic shift than a technological one, sported its cool-toned wood kitchens everyone could not help but fall in love with! Finally, the 2000s started a whole new ball game with trends in kitchen styles! No one knew the grip stainless steel would have on us as a society as much as it did. While we still love and cherish our white-washed cabinets and farmhouse sinks, 2022 has some big concepts coming our way inspired by the past!

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wearing too many hats - small business outsourcing

Small Business Outsourcing Guide For A Prosperous Year

Are you a busy entrepreneur looking to save time and money this year? Wishing there were more hours in a day to manage both your organization and personal life? Hiring assistance on GetAssist’s Business Directory could be the solution.

Hiring Efficiently

Don’t make the common mistake of wearing too many hats in 2022. Time is money, especially for small businesses, so hire another professional to lighten the load. A recent study found that 53% of business owners believe that they can grow their business by more than 20% if they delegate 10 % of their workload! With fewer tasks at home and work, you have more downtime, which with time off, research has found that many people experience an 82% increase in job performance. Therefore, business-to-business (B2B) services are an INVESTMENT, not only in your business but your overall well-being. In addition, you have more money-saving opportunities by setting your budget when making a request for services on GetAssist!

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growing connection in the New Year

New Year’s Resolutions Guide 2022: Enhancing Connectedness in Three Life Areas

Looking back at 2021, you may be searching for ways to make next year more pleasant. As it approaches, recognize that we made it past the lousiness together! So, how can we incorporate connection into our goals?

By utilizing GetAssist’s tools and viewing this guide, anyone can easily form resolutions around connectedness for their work, home, and personal life.

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Holiday miracle with the help of GetAssist

A GetAssist Holiday Miracle Story

Request A Local Holiday Miracle On the GetAssist Business Directory

The guests will arrive tonight to taste your famous roast. First, you busily prep the feast when the sink stops working, and then you discover that the trash compactor is jammed, so the sink is clogged. Then, as you’re setting your best china, the dishwasher fails. You know you can’t fix this disaster yourself, and there’s so little time! You still need to shovel the driveway before Aunt Betty slips on it.

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