request for home maintenance tasks all summer long

Take Advantage of Summer to Prepare for a Year of Home Maintenance

The short summer months bring opportunities for many things. Playing in the outdoors without a care for the elements, lazy afternoons in the shade sipping iced tea… And catching up on home maintenance without the weather dictating your availability to do so.

With so much to do and so little time, here is a list of home maintenance and repairs you may not have thought of. Take care of these now to enjoy the benefits and avoid trouble later in the year when Mother Nature is not so kind.

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the benefits of hiring a handyman

The Benefits of Hiring a Handyman (or woman)

Are your weekends overshadowed by all the projects you need to get done? Does it seem like it will take just as much time to read up or watch YouTube videos on how to do them?… Not to mention how many trips to the hardware store it will take to get the right materials. There is a simple solution to this analysis paralysis – hire a handyman.
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