Preparing Your Business Team for Post-COVID

Preparing For Business To Be Booming In a Post-COVID World

Well, great. The COVID vaccine still won’t be available for everyone for a bit, and for society to return to normal, we need to achieve herd (60-70% of the global population’s) immunity. You may be wondering how much longer your business needs to suffer isolation. In truth, we can help it thrive instead. This extended downtime may be precisely what you need to prepare for the busy, in-person professional life most of us long for.

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Make the Most of the GetAssist Business Network

With GetAssist, the power is in the Network.

To date, GetAssist has over 4,000 businesses taking advantage of our Business Membership.  There are over 600 business categories to choose from serving both B2B and B2C clients.

When 1000’s of small businesses come together, they become a powerful collective creating the kind of interactions that everyone can use to Get and Give assistance, making everyday life better.

Below is a feature map of the GetAssist Business Membership Packages.

You can see that we offer a combination of the features that other social networks which serve businesses do, all in one place. But that being said, even if you have every marketing, organizational development and project management tool at your disposal, your advertising budgeted dollars will go wasted if you do not USE the tools.

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