small business expenses vs income

Clients Aren’t Paying You on Time? Let’s Quickly Fix That.

Does it surprise you that 63% of invoices are paid within 30 days? How about the fact that once a bill isn’t paid in 90 days, you only have an 18% chance of ever getting paid?

It’s vital that small business owners like you get paid on time so you can improve your business rather than lose money. Fortunately, GetAssist’s Business Membership offers a way to keep your clients in check: our invoicing tool.

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Too many small business tools

One Simple Way to Grow Your Small Business At A Low Price

How can you save every year on business tools for your small business? Read this article to understand how the cost of individual digital tools adds up and how a Pro Business Membership with GetAssist compares.

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Invoicing Best Practices Guide

Has your current method of invoicing started to let you down? Are you a new business trying to find the best accounts receivable solution? Knowing the best practices for invoicing is the first step to ensuring you get paid!

Invoices may serve as billing means, but they also serve as important documentation for both the service provider and service recipient. It’s vital for them to be organized, accurate and complete. Sign-up below for a comprehensive checklist and tips for Invoicing Best Practices delivered to your inbox!